What makes the perfect logo?

Split-second judgement, lasting impact

Research from Pam Moore shows that it can take five to seven impressions for consumers to recognise a logo, but consumers make an impression about that logo within 10 seconds. Despite marketing campaigns focusing on speed and mobile consumption, it remains crucial to have a unique brand logo that customers can recall.

Whether it’s international juggernauts like Nike and Starbucks, or Australian hallmarks like Qantas and the ABC, a logo can become synonymous with a business and everything it represents.

Creating a logo isn’t a simple process and it may take a few tries, but these are a few tips to consider when creating a logo that’s perfect for your small business.

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Use the right colour

As a key part of your overall branding, using the right colours for your logo is essential. Different colours create different emotions in your existing and potential customers, so it’s important you choose the right one for your company’s services.

Three examples of colour and branding

1. Red

Red creates feelings of passion and excitement. Brands like Red Bull, McDonald’s and Red Rooster all use strong red colours to grab attention.

2. Purple

Purple is associated with luxury and indulgence. Brands such as Cadbury and Hallmark use it to great effect.

3. Blue

Blue is extremely popular, and can make consumers feel positive, open and adventurous. Used by Facebook, Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn, blue is a regular logo colour for businesses.

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Plan and be unique

As tempting as it to take inspiration from other brands, developing your own unique logo is a key part of having it succeed. Some logo designs and templates tend to get overused – avoid using clichés that can stop your brand from standing out from the pack.

Planning out several logos – rather than just going with your first idea – will force you to be more innovative and eventually develop something uniquely creative.

This can also be achieved by having custom lettering within your logo. Businesses like Coca Cola, Microsoft and Amazon all have an iconic typeface in their logo, which is used throughout their branding. Any unique and identifying element you can add to your logo is a welcome one.

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Don’t overcomplicate it

While it may seem obvious, keeping it simple with your logo is key. Having too many elements like complicated pictures or too much text can overwhelm a consumer.

They can also lose sight of your message and what your brand represents, so it’s important to keep your logo easily identifiable and uncomplicated.

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Use active pictures, not just active voice

Active voice is essential to successful web copy for businesses and this can also extend to your selection of imagery. Take the below example of Amazon, particularly between 1998 and 2000. While there is still a line, it’s now an arrow that’s moving forward. It also shows ties the ‘a’ and ‘z’ together, subtly highlighting that Amazon has everything from A to Z.

Good logos will incorporate these elements of movement to take their customers on a product or brand journey.

What else can help design your perfect logo?

To receive further assistance on your brand new logo, you can enlist our team at Small Business Bundles to come up with the best bespoke logo for your business.

We focus on workshopping and creating concepts, including thorough revisions to help you find the best fitting logo for your story. Every brand has a unique identity and our team love the challenge of crafting a logo to fit your special business.

To find out more about how we can help you create a perfect logo, contact our team today.