5 Things you need to know about branding your business

How to ensure your branded content always hits the mark

One of the most exciting parts of your business journey is working on your branding. In a study from Contently and Libris, 70% of marketers reported that content which incorporated strong visual assets performed better than content that didn’t. If you want your content to be engaging, then strong business branding is a definite must-have.

Before you dive headfirst into finalising your logo or colour palette, there’s a few small business branding fundamentals you first need to take into account. We’ve prepared five essential tips to follow when branding your business for success.

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1. Define your company’s identity

If your brand is going to succeed, it has to be a reflection of your identity. If you don’t know what makes your brand unique, you won’t know how to effectively position your business to stand out from the crowd.

Successful branding, particularly with logos, exemplify a brand’s identity and purpose through visually appealing elements. Understanding your brand’s identity will help you move forward with your visual planning strategies.

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2. Know your values and beliefs

Along with understanding your brand’s identity comes greater recognition of what your business stands for. While having a visually appealing logo and website is an element of good branding, true customer engagement comes when you are transparent with your values and beliefs.

Nowadays, being transparent with your brand’s values isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Brands that build trust based on strong values separate themselves out from the rest. Rather than seeing your business as another in a long line up of other products or services, customers will identity with you because of the values and beliefs your brand represents.

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3. Know your audience

While branding is about how you present to the world, it’s also about understanding who you want to attract as a customer.

With greater knowledge of your customer base, you’re able to customise your branding to appeal to particular desires and interests pertaining to different customers. Having a branding plan that is clearly targeted at what your customers want will be more successful than planning campaigns around what you think they want.

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4. Be consistent

For your brand to demand attention and stand the test of time, it needs to prioritise consistency. Your website, social media, brick and mortar store, and hard copy marketing all need to have the same clearly defined identity.

This consistency enables customers to feel comfortable encountering your business across any digital marketing or physical platform. Consistency in how you look and sound will help customers to continue to build the sense of trust they have in your brand.

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5. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance

If you have initial ideas about your business’ branding, that’s a great start! While you may have some thoughts about turning your business into a digital marketing success, you’ll probably need some help bringing them to life. When you work with experienced web designers and branding specialists, you’re giving your brand the best chance of success right from the beginning.

Get help from the professionals

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