How to market your business like a social media influencer

Ways to grow your business using influencer marketing

Studies from Tomoson show that influencer marketing is the surveyed companies’ fastest growing consumer acquisition method, generating 22% of their customers. While social media influencing may seem like a whole other kettle of fish to marketing your small business, there are some key techniques you can use to help grow your business.

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Use visual assets

In a 2018 study from Social Media Examiner, 32% of marketers said visual images are the most important form of content for their business. Social media influencers have similar priorities, whether it’s across Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

Strong visual assets that you could utilise in your business’ marketing channels might include:

These visual assets can engage and inform customers in a much more appealing way than any block of text can, helping you increase your conversions.

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Develop a trusted identity

Social media influencers are able to build their audience through a clear story and identity. Subscribers or followers are more likely to come back and see an influencer’s content when they feel connected to that person. The same goes with building your brand’s identity.

By sharing your business story, using inclusive language and authenticity, consumers are much more likely to connect to your products or services.

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Define your goals

Before getting started with uploading content, social media influencers have a reasonably clear idea of what they want certain posts to achieve. They’ll have a calendar scheduling their posts through services like Sprout Social or Sked, and have goals in mind for their social channels. The same planning needs to go into your business marketing.

Knowing your audience is also an important part of an influencer’s brand and it’s crucial to your business success also. It will help to shape your voice, which consumers become accustomed to and are drawn back by the sense of trust you build.

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Post regular content

If you scroll past any Instagram feed, you’ll notice that posts happen fairly regularly from these social media influencers. This fosters the relationship between followers and the influencer, creating an ongoing story that needs to be checked on for the latest update.

Small businesses can use the same idea, whether that’s through regular social media updates or blog posts. Blog posts especially have a great success in delivering your business key results including:

  • driving traffic to your website through blog links posted on social media accounts or from existing blogs
  • boosting SEO with long-tail keywords and blog topics that consumers will search for building customer trust, with ongoing chapters to your business and product story that customers want to come back to.

How you can use influencer techniques for your business

While social media influencers might seem like they play a different game to your business, it can be quite useful to utilise some of their techniques. By using these techniques, you can provide consistent and exciting content to help grow your customer base.

It all sounds pretty good, right? But when will you get the time to do it all? That’s where we come in. Through our variety of bundles, our experienced and talented team can help you find the right new direction for your marketing campaigns. Giving your business a fresh, new unique look that speaks to your values is key to continual growth, so contact our team for help.