Stay on budget with these 4 small business website quick wins

How to make a new or improved website on a budget

We’ll be the first to tell you that size doesn’t always count when it comes to your budget. No matter your budget, there are some quick and cost-effective ways to market your small business.

Whether it’s your first or eleventh, building a great website can be a fast and efficient way to grow your business for today, as well as into the future. Here are some quick wins to get started.

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Focus on your homepage

Your homepage is the main stage. If you don’t have the time or budget for a full website, start small by mastering your homepage. This is the place you’ll make your first impression with new visitors, so start small here and see how they respond.

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Do a quick website audit

To identify some easy opportunities, take 10 minutes (per page) to review what is and isn’t working well on your website.

Take a look at:

  • Are there any broken links or obvious errors? (You may have to click around to find them!)
  • Is the information up to date?
  • Does the website look good on different devices?

If this will be your first website, don’t sweat it. Instead, jot down what things you do and don’t like about competitors’ websites and start picturing what you’d like yours to look like.

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Get strategic

Talk to your customers and uncover what areas they think need improving. Rather than making updates and blindly hoping for the best, strategy can give you a roadmap to success. Be savvy with your marketing budget and spend your money wisely.

Do some research on your competitors and see where the opportunities lay. Email marketing, social media content or regular website updates can offer some untapped potential.

Here are some easy ways to get strategic on and off your website:

  • Drive more traffic to your website with regular blog content updates
  • Take a holistic look at your website and social media. Try to ensure everything you do is branded, has a clear message and a call-to-action
  • Try, measure, discover – test things out, measure how they stack up and be sure to learn!

Keep tabs on your marketing efforts and how they’re all collectively performing. Look at the pros and cons, and finetune until you reach that sweet spot.

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Make updates as you grow

Your business is evolving and so should your website. If you expand your services or team, sing it from the rooftops. Or, more practically, update your website.

Making updates on your websites helps your customers follow you on your journey and celebrate your wins. It also gives search engines their two favourite things: fresh and relevant content.

Once you’re set up with a professional website with Small Business Bundles, we’ll teach you the ropes of how to make simple updates as you go. For bigger changes, we can easily whip you up extra pages (e.g. blog) as your business grows.

Add pizazz to your website

Whether it’s making a few tweaks to your existing website or starting with a brand new website – we’re here to make it easy.

Our small business websites are built to your needs and grow as you do. Our talented team of designers will create something that perfectly fits your business’ personality, budget, vision and needs.

Contact our team today to get more bang for your marketing budget.