10 Things your customers aren’t telling you

The secrets to understanding your customers’ needs

The customer is (almost) always right. It pains us to admit this, but many small businesses could improve if only they received honest feedback. The problem is, your customers are likely to just stop using your product or service if there’s an issue, rather than taking the time to provide feedback. Here are 10 things customers aren’t telling you (and why it’s imperative that you listen!)

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I want to give you (honest) feedback

At the end of a project, or after making a purchase, you’ll want to know what your customer thought. As it goes, if a customer has a bad experience, they won’t come back. So, using different strategies to get your customer’s thoughts will go a long way. You might direct the customer to leave a Google review or have an anonymous feedback box on your website. Remember, the aim is to personally let your customers know that you’re after their honest feedback.

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What’s your point of difference?

With competition, access and pricing, it can be hard for a customer to understand who’s best for their needs. Think about how you’re communicating your USP’s (unique selling points). For example, use a catchy tagline as an effective way to communicate your key proposition and values, such as Bedshed’s “No One’s Better in the Bedroom.” Don’t have time to worry about USP’s, taglines and communicating key propositions? At Small Business Bundles we offer plug-in copywriting services from experts in the trade, meaning we’ll have your website buzzing with catchy content in no time.

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Give me a new perspective and idea

There’s a reason they’re turning to you – they can’t solve their own problems! So, make it about them and bring something new to the table – once you’re on board, they’ll love you for it.

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Can you please actually listen to me

Rather than pushing the ‘sell’, help your customer understand how your product or service will achieve their goal. Remember that it’s about the customer, not about you.

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I want you to connect with me

Connecting with customers on a personal level by showing empathy and compassion makes your brand ‘human’. For example, think about how you could forge a connection with a customer, whether it be through a sale or packaging of a product with a friendly message. It creates a lasting impression on the customer. Going ‘above and beyond’ the customers’ expectations, and building trust are key tenants.

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Can you explain things properly

If you’re busy launching into your selling spiel about discounts, solutions, and availability, your customers won’t be able to relate. When it comes to purchasing your product, you need to be clear with no overpromises and last minute upsells.

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You don’t sound confident

Have confidence in your ability to achieve results. You should be convincing and learn to persuade customers of your product. Believe in what you’re selling, and your confidence will be contagious.

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Your emails are in my spam folder

Have your marketing efforts misfired, or is your branding not on par with your customers’ expectations? Get your marketing down pat and nail those EDMs by working with a small business marketing professional. At Small Business Bundles we can provide MailChimp templates, as well as set you up with simple email campaign strategy advice that will give your EDMs the jolt they need.

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You’re clearly on the wrong platform

It’s great that you want to engage your customers. If you’re on the wrong platform, re-assess things. Learn about how you would communicate with a customer on Facebook as opposed to email. Make the most of your precious time and energy!

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Why don’t you just ask me

It’s time to ask for feedback. It’ll open more communication lines and lead to a more honest conversation. Let them know why you want feedback and what it means to your business.

Understanding your customers is not without effort

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