How to create your own brand in 5 steps

Quick (and effective) ways to build your brand

It’s not uncommon for people to put business ideas and passion projects on hold for years because the thought of developing the brand seems too daunting. We’re here to share the good news that this isn’t the case. These 5 steps are a great place to start to build your brand identity, quickly and easily.

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Define your vision

Having a business concept is all well and good, but before you start signing off artwork for your business cards, it’s worth sitting down for a minute to hash out your business’ vision and values. Think about why you’re starting the business and why it’s important to you. Note down what value it provides to customers.

An example of a vision might be: To provide a bright, happy space for customers to eat good local food in peace.

Your vision doesn’t have to be too fancy. Write something down that explains why you exist, and this statement will likely become a foundation for the rest of your branding work. It will also help you articulate your product or service in more detail when it comes to creating your marketing collateral and website.

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Develop a brand voice and personality

How is your brand going to sound? Is it professional and businesslike? Fun and vibrant? Cool and laidback? You should keep in mind that your brand voice and communication style will speak to your customers across lots of different channels, such as social media, a website and print materials like a menu. It should always sound consistent, so your customers know just by reading the words that it’s your brand speaking. Jot down a quick guide to your brand’s voice, and keep this on hand for when you’re creating written content down the track.

If you’re thinking, “sure, that all sounds great, but when or earth am I going to get time to do it all?” Don’t stress. At Small Business Bundles we offer a complete plug-in content solution, perfectly combining our branding and website bundles with expert copy. Meaning you get a developed brand voice and personality that clearly communicates who you are an what you do.

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Choose a name, logo and visual identity

You’ll need a name for your business – something catchy, relevant and in line with your vision and voice. Then, once you’ve registered your business name with ASIC and received your ABN, you can start thinking about creating a logo. This is just as important as your brand name, because it will appear on every piece of brand collateral moving forward – your business cards, your stationary, your shopfront, your website and so on.

Why not get your brand buzzing with a professionally designed logo? And while you’re at it, create a guide on how your brand will look. You’ll need to have colours, fonts and any imagery decided upon so you can use these on your website and print collateral. At Small Business Bundles, all of our branding packages include a logo guide, which is great reference tool for internal and external stakeholders to utilise.

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Get a website

Now that you’ve got your business branding all sorted, you’ll need a place for customers to find you. And creating a website is the next step. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “websites are expensive, right?” Wrong. There’s absolutely no need to blow your budget on a website. At Small Business Bundles, we offer affordable, professional website solutions. And with a quick turnaround, we’ll have your small business website up and running in no time!

But what about a domain name and all that stuff? When you work with Small Business Bundles, you get a complete end-to-end solution, leaving you to get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

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Create an audience

Your brand is all set up and ready to go – now it’s time to get the following you need to make it a success. Social media is a great place to start building brand awareness, and when done correctly can provide a great return on investment. Start posting pictures of your logo, business, store, products, team and more to get people interested. You can also attract audiences to your website by blogging regularly, or spread positive word of mouth by attending industry events.

Creating your brand doesn’t have to be hard work.

Take these branding basics one step at a time, and before you know it you’ll have a well-defined brand ready to take to market. If it still seems a bit beyond you – we can help. Our Top Dog Bundle is the perfect option for businesses that need a polished brand, fast. You’ll have a logo, business cards, social media branding and a website developed for you at an affordable price. Contact us today for help with creating your own brand.