Brand discovery workshop questionnaire

We’ve carefully crafted this questionnaire as a starting point to our Brand Discovery Workshop. It gives us an important insight to your business and what you hope to get from this branding project.

It helps steers the direction of our workshop – and ultimately our designs. The more detail you can provide, the more research we can prepare before our workshop.

  • Project Information

  • Choose as many as you like
  • Please provide company names and website addresses.
  • Word of mouth, social media, online search, print advertising, etc?
  • Dot points are fine.
  • Why do customers come to you, or choose you over your competitors? Do you offer something unique? What problems do you solve for your customers – and how?
  • Contact Information

  • To be designed on your business card. (Optional)
  • To be designed on your business card. (Optional)
  • If applicable.
  • If we are registering a domain name please provide it here.
  • To be featured on your website and stationery. Eg: Facebook Icon, Instagram Icon etc.