A guide to the brand discovery process

How Small Business Bundles captures your brand’s essence

Your branding conveys to the world who you are and what you do, and it can leave an indelible impression. With something so important to your business’ success, it’s vital to get your branding right. This is why we’ve finetuned our brand discovery process to perfection.  

Our tailored branding solutions take the stress out of branding your business. Quick and efficient, our questionnaire is our secret ingredient to creating the best small business branding. Whether it’s a new logo and branding, or a complete re-brand with a social media kit and web design, our carefully crafted branding process is designed to ensure success. Read on for our guide to the brand discovery process for your logo, social media kit and website design.

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We get to know your business with our trusty questionnaire

If you haven’t worked with a creative agency before, you may not be familiar with the design process. To make things as quick and easy as possible, our questionnaire gives us a clear snapshot of who you are and what you’re about. Getting to know your business helps us tap into how to represent your small business branding. 

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We explore your business goals and objectives

The things you do and decisions you make don’t live in a vacuum. We want to get onto your wavelength and understand your big-picture thinking. Exploring your business goals, objectives and challenges help us create the branding strategy that will get you there.

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We talk about your target audience and competitors

Even the best brands in the world have competitors. Understanding who they are and how you can compete puts you in the winner’s lane. It helps us create unique branding that will stand out from the rest.

The same goes for your audience. Knowing exactly who you’re targeting means we can mould your strategy to reach and impact these people.

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We get into the design nitty gritty

Once we’ve established a solid understanding of your business, we can start to shape the design elements. Small questions here and there in your questionnaire paint a big picture for our experienced designers.

Visual cues

Is there an element of your current visual communication that’s important to you? We’ll discuss visual cues that can work in your new branding.

Creative do’s and don’ts

In the brand discovery workshop, we’ll explore any of your small business’ ‘yays’ and ‘nays’ – from a design perspective. For example, thing can include the size of your logo on creative materials, typeface, and imagery. This gives you the foundation to keep your branding strong well into the future.  

Brand colours

Branding can go down various paths. You might want to stay true to some of your original colour schemes, or reinvent them completely. We explore your brand colours and bounce off ideas with you until we land on something killer.

Top-quality, affordable branding for small businesses

At Small Business Bundles, we’re passionate about giving small businesses the best brand strategy and graphic design. Our small business branding bundles are designed to give you all you need – for an affordable price and a swift turnaround. (What a combination!)

Add our simple questionnaire and unlimited revisions into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire ticket to the perfect logo and branding.

Reach out to our team of experienced designers today for your custom branding solution.