Why every small business should have a website

Connect with more customers with these small biz website tips

From buying online products to looking up restaurant reviews, there’s no shortage of ways people find information in the digital age. And as smartphones have become extensions of our arms, having a website should be top-of-mind for every small business owner. Here are just a few reasons why every small business should have their own website.

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Get ahead of the competition

Telstra has revealed that only 50% of small businesses have their own website, and their findings revealed that 62% of customers will stop considering a business if they can’t find information about it online. And yet, having a professional-looking website is simpler than ever before.

Don’t waste precious time messing around with DIY websites, your business is too important for that. At Small Business Bundles we offer cost-effective, eye-catching websites that are tailor made for small businesses. So, why not get ahead of the 50% of other businesses competing in your industry and give your business professional online presence it deserves?

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Grab more customers

Promoting your business online says you’re open for business 24/7. With a website you’ll be casting your net much wider than if you only have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. And with 6 out of 10 consumers expecting a business to provide online content, if you don’t look digitally-savvy, any time-poor and impatient customers are going to look elsewhere. Throw away the ‘closed sign’ for good and set up shop online.

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Create marketing opportunities

We know that online marketing isn’t high on a small business’ agenda, simply because of time and cost. With a website you’ll instantly advertising space. You will create another avenue to introduce people to your products and services, and another way for people to find you.

Granted, your digital marketing efforts will be subject to how much effort you put into things like search engine optimization (SEO), and organic and paid promotion. But, these things can come later, or you might even consider paying small business marketing and branding experts, like us! A website is also a great way for data collection. Rather than getting customers to write their email down on paper, you can capture leads and accurately get customer details, providing something in return (like an e-book or a newsletter).

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Showcase your products and services

A website is your chance to get creative and sell your ‘brand.’ Not only can you have curated images, it’s a chance to control your narrative and explain to customers why you do what you do. Don’t give hesitant customers the flick – create value and build of your brand.

Let us help create your small business website

Getting started with your website is the first step to creating a business that your customers will want to engage with. That’s why our Small Business Bundles can rev-up your brand. With a package like our Top Dog Bundle, you’ll get a total brand package, like a WordPress website, social branding, social post templates and much more. For simple, tailored branding and web design solutions with a clear strategy and focus, get in touch today.