Why business cards still matter in the digital age

Modern-day benefits of business cards

It’s easy to think, with the success of LinkedIn as a digital business networking tool, why would anyone need a business card in 2018? Sure, LinkedIn is a great way to communicate, share and network online, as well as promote yourself. However, the humble business card still has its place, for more reasons than you may think. We take a look at a couple of important ones.

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They’re a great reminder tool

Networking and industry events are great opportunities to interact with and meet potential customers. But it can be tough to remember names and businesses, particularly when you’re meeting dozens of people in a night. Plus, doing a LinkedIn stalk several days later can be a little awkward, not to mention there might be literally thousands of John Smiths, for example. Whereas finishing off a conversation with, “it was nice to meet you, here’s my business card,” is a great way of giving someone a little takeaway of you and your brand. Not to mention, it can both be a real memory jogger and help to further the conversation if you do connect via email or LinkedIn.

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They may be the first interaction someone has with your brand

Business cards have moved away from the 1980’s wall street banker status symbol that they once were. A business card is – and has been for a while – the very first impression of your brand that a potential customer often has. Of course, your business card should have all your relevant details, including your LinkedIn connection. But, more importantly, whoever you hand it to should immediately get an impression of your business: whether you’re running a creative design agency, an edgy coffee shop, or you’re a professional accountant.

In a cluttered market, your business’s brand is a big part of what sets it apart from the rest. This is why communicating a memorable and consistent brand message is vital. And doing so with professionally designed branding, including business cards, is an easy place to start.

Small business doesn’t mean small branding

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