Your 7 most burning website questions answered

Frequently asked questions about small business websites

Starting or maintaining a small business website can raise a lot of questions. Here, we answer seven common small business marketing questions to help you be better informed about your website journey.

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1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

This is a crucial consideration when it comes to web design and ongoing web maintenance. SEO affects how your website appears in search engines when people conduct online searches. There are technical considerations such as site speed, as well as content considerations, such as using keywords on your site. These technical elements can drastically impact how your website is ranked in search engines.

The higher you’re ranked in search engines, the more likely people are going to find your website and engage with your products or services. That’s why SEO is so important for websites!

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2. What is website hosting?

A website host is where your website’s files are stored. This is a physical computer space offered by a web hosting service. Storing your website on a server is what keeps it up and running, ready to access at any time of day. Sound a bit too technical? Don’t worry, with all of our small business websites you get a 2-year registration of your domain name, and 2 years of web hosting. We take care of the technical details, so you don’t have to.

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3. How do I make my website work on a mobile phone?

Optimising your website for mobile is a key part of ensuring your business’ online success. In fact, two of every three minutes spent online is on a mobile device. This goes to show how many of your customers are potentially accessing your website from a mobile.

To prime your website for mobile use, your website needs to be designed to be mobile-responsive. This means that it will display appropriately on a small mobile screen with all the functionality of the desktop version. All good web developers today will know how to ensure your website is designed effectively for mobile. You should also keep your content easy to scan (as mobile users don’t have big attention spans!), and avoid overpopulating the screen with too much text.

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4. How do I see if my website is successful or not?

Google Analytics is a free service that you can use to measure your website’s traffic. This tool will give you a good indication of whether your website is performing well or not. It also allows you to see where your website’s visitors have come from, how much time they spend on particular pages, and what they visit the most.

You can also use Google Analytics to analyse where customers leave the site and if that metric indicates poor content that isn’t engaging enough. This can allow you to see where people are dropping off in their journey on your site. Perhaps they’re leaving on certain confusing pages, or on the pricing page of your website. These analytics can help you work out what needs fixing on your website so it can perform better.

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5. What’s a CTA?

CTA stands for ‘call to action’. It refers to the button or text that indicates the next action you want your users to take. This might be something like ‘sign up to our newsletter’ or ‘add to cart’.

CTAs are an important part of your customer’s journey as they will guide them throughout the experience. They can exist on webpages (‘add to cart’), emails (‘read the blog post’) or even on social media posts (‘share this post’).

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6. Should I use blog posts?

Definitely! Blog posts are a great way to keep your website updated with fresh and exciting content. They have significant SEO benefits, as Google loves crawling new content on your website. They’re also a good way to add value for your customers.

7. Where can I get help with my website?

The team at Small Business Bundles are experts at building websites to drive success for small businesses. We use SEO best practices and creative design to ensure your website presents your business with style and efficiency. We can also answer any other questions you have about your website build along the way. Contact our team today.