5 Must-listen podcasts for small business owners

The best podcasts for small businesses

How do you sort through the mountain of small business podcasts to find one that’s both interesting and informative? You don’t, because we’ve done it for you!

As a business owner, time is money, so listening to a podcast can be a great way of making the most of ‘dead time’, like traveling to work, to meetings, making dinner, or cleaning the house.

We look at 5 excellent small business podcasts below that explore the journeys of other business owners and provide helpful tips, tools, and inventive ways to tackle problems – helping to ensure your small business succeeds.

StartUp Podcast

1. StartUp

StartUp is a Gimlet Media podcast (of Heavyweight and Homecoming fame), hosted by Gimlet Media CEO, Alex Blumberg. This podcast has something for everyone! From starting out on your small business journey, to overcoming the challenges faced when your business starts to pick-up real momentum, you’ll hear first-hand perspectives on work-life balance, scaling up, and the right and wrong ways to market your business.

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TEDTalks Business Podcast

2. TEDTalks Business

In need of a dose of inspiration? Then TEDTalks Business is the podcast for you. TEDTalks Business gathers all of the best business-oriented TEDTalks and puts them into a podcast. Hear from innovators, entrepreneurs and business researchers such as, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Pattie Maes and Steve Jobs.

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Beer, Blokes & Business Podcast

3. Beer, Blokes & Business

Pretty much as the name describes,Beer, Blokes and Business takes a casual, no-nonsense approach to discussing and overcoming marketing, growth, sales, and networking challenges that they – or their guests – have faced.

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HerBusiness Podcase


HerBusiness is a great podcast for any small business owner looking for down-to-earth, practical social media and marketing strategies to help get their business out there. Hosted by Suzi Dafnis, HerBusiness provides plenty of how-to’s (and how-not-to’s) for growing and managing a small business.

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The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast

5. The Introvert Entrepreneur

Not all successful small business owners are Type A personalities. And as The Introvert Entrepreneur discusses, being an introvert isn’t a barrier to success. Hosted by Beth Buelow, this podcast discusses all aspects of small business ownership. From marketing to finance to leadership, this is a must-listen for the quiet achievers of the small business world.

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