How to bring in more customers in 2020

Elevate your digital presence to keep customers coming back

Grow your customer-base and achieve your sales goals this year by making some simple, but effective changes to your digital presence. Below we explore some small change, big impact tips to get the turnstiles ticking over.

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Give your social media a spring clean

Spring cleaning your social media accounts (aka doing an audit) can help you identify what platforms and content types are working well, and what ones are not. And depending on the type of business you operate, some social media platforms will be more relevant than others.

For example, if you run a tourism or swim wear business, then visual platforms like Facebook or Instagram will be more beneficial. Rather than having a presence on every social media platform known to man, concentrate your effort on one or two and create unique, targeted content.

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Start a blog

Blogs – and blogging – have been around for decades, but they’re now more important than ever, and for several reasons.

For one, Google rates content as the equal-most important factor when determining page rankings. So if you ever want to get your website out of the graveyard that is page 2 (and beyond), a blog can be a great way to do so.

Secondly, a blog allows you to illustrate to your audience that you’re a thought leader within your industry. Posting regularly on topics relevant to your business shows that you’re ahead of the game.

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Ask for reviews

Word of mouth has always been a business’ most powerful ally – or its worst enemy. And never has this been truer than in the digital age of information. Whether it’s on Google, Facebook or via a testimonial on your website, reviews are worth their weight in gold, and they have a huge impact on whether a customer chooses your business over another.

Here are some quick and easy ways to encourage customer reviews.

Put a link in your email signature

Whenever you send a customer a confirmation email, be it confirmation of purchase or delivery, include a link in your email signature asking them to leave a review.

Place a sign in-store

This can provide a prompt for your in-store customers to jump online and let your digital audience know what a great service or experience you provide.

Add a prompt to a receipt.

This could simply be a few words encouraging your customer to jump onto your social media page and leave a quick review.

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