Why your small business needs a logo

What your logo tells potential customers

A great business logo will be synonymous with the business itself. Think the Nike ‘swoosh’, McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ and Apple’s… apple. Most people need only see these logos and immediately know what business they’re associated with.

But a good business logo goes much further than simple brand recognition. Below we explore why your small business should have a logo.

Optimal Physiotherapy Logo Design

It defines your brand identity

Just like the clothes we wear, a logo can reveal a lot about a business – its character and personality. Through colour, font and design, a good logo will help tell a story; that is, the story of your brand. It will speak to your customers on an emotional level.

Blossoming Lotus Hair & Beauty Logo Design

It’s a visual symbol that people will associate with your brand

Most businesses sell more than one product or offer more than one service. A logo can be a great way to communicate to your customer that regardless of the product, they can expect the same level of quality and service right across your range.

If a picture truly does tell a thousand words, then a good logo is doing a lot of talking for your business. Whether it’s a branded product, item of stationary, drink bottle, website or billboard, your logo needs to tell your audience that all of these things are touchpoints for your business.

Hawkes & Crown Logo Design

It differentiates you from your competition

Unless you’re in an extremely niche segment, you’re going to have some direct competition. That is, someone offering similar products or services to you. So how do you stand out from your competitors and bring in new customers?

A logo can help. As discussed, a logo is a visual beacon for your business. And it can help leave a great first impression, or a… not so great one.

So, what happens once you’ve got someone through the door who you’ve wowed with your great service and excellent products? Quite often, they’ll go away and tell their friends. But how do they know they’ve got the real deal, not just someone else offering a similar service? Your logo brands your business as you. And that can foster a loyalty from your customers.

Want to perfectly capture your business’ brand but don’t want to pay the earth for doing so?

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