How to use social media to promote your brand

DIY social media strategies for small businesses

So you consider yourself a social media pro? Posted more pictures of your adorable pooch and Sunday brunch than you can remember? You should consider putting those hard earned skills to good use promoting your business’s brand! We explore a few simple ways to use social media to promote your brand.

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Find your channel, find your crowd

Before you start firing off content left, right and centre – take a moment to consider where your brand belongs. If your business is bursting with possible photo opportunities or your staff love taking pics of all the cool stuff you all get up to, consider Instagram. Or maybe your business needs to connect and engage with your customers regularly; Facebook can help you to connect with your target customers, give them regular updates and share content that resonates with your brand. Whatever you decide on, always keep a keen eye on changing trends, otherwise you’ll risk getting left behind.

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Communicate your brand voice

Ask yourself, what does your brand sound like? Is it friendly, cheeky, or maybe a little more professional? When putting content on social media it should be reflective of your brand. Think about what you think your business would sound like if it was a person, then build on that. Once you’ve got the voice down, make sure you stick with it! It can be confusing for an audience if a brand’s voice keeps changing, so always try to keep it inconsistent.

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Share your brand culture

Your brand promotes your culture and vice versa – so show it off! Snap some behind-the-scenes pics of your team doing what they do best. Nothing shouts your brand louder and prouder than the people who come in day after day doing what they love. It also gives your customers a look at how you operate as a business and how you view yourselves as a company.

If you’re reading all this and beginning to think ‘when on earth will I get the time to do all of this?’

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