Why brand matters for small businesses & what it says to your customers

Making your brand meaningful to customers

Think of your favourite café and all the reasons you love going there. Perhaps it’s the friendly staff who make your brew, or maybe it’s the warm and inviting atmosphere inside. Now imagine they open up another café elsewhere and you walk in the door – do you expect it to have the same atmosphere and experience? Mostly likely yes, right? Even though the location and staff may be different, the same brand messages – through logos, décor, and overall look and feel – should shine through. If you can achieve this, then you have succeeded in efficiently branding your business.

This is how you should think of branding when it comes to your business – a brand message that’s communicated cohesively throughout every touch point your customer has i.e. your website, your social media presence and your store. Think about what you’re remembered for and what message you’re sending to your customers.

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A brand to remember

Being able to pick your business out a sea of competitors is made easy for your customers when you have a distinct brand. This is because they come to remember you not only for the awesome service you’ve given them, but for the brand style, logo and message you represent. It also comes in handy when customers are referring you to their network, your brand will give those looking a direct lead to find you with.

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Like brand, like content

Creating content that’s the essence of your business is made a breeze when you have a distinctive brand. Think of your business’s social media account – everything you post and share is in some way a reflection of the brand you’ve curated. Say you’ve found an interesting article written by somebody in your industry, because you’ve already positioned your identity you’ll know straight off the bat whether it aligns with your brand or not.

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A brand for the future

As your business grows, the work you put into developing your brand will pay off. Every time your customers see your logo, or interact with the business, they’ll think of the brand and what it means to them. The significance of what you do becomes a part of the cultural identity of your team and the service you provide. And each time your customers have good experiences with you, they’ll build a connection that will stay with them – all because of the brand you built.

Professional branding for small businesses – by a small business

Getting started with your branding is the first step to creating a business your customers could spot from a mile away. For clear and unique branding designed by branding experts, get in touch today and let us help you with our affordable small business packages.