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Small business doesn’t mean small branding.

Apply big thinking to your small business and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to make an impact and get noticed – no matter what your size.

Terms and Conditions

Small Business Bundles™ is a registered trademark of Big Creativa Pty Ltd.


Part A, deposit

A 50% deposit in required for all new projects before work commences. Payment of the initial deposit will be considered an acceptance of the contract for work. Big Creativa Pty Limited’s liability will be limited to the cost of supply for this work. Big Creativa Pty Limited is not responsible for any indirect losses.

Part B, contractual

The contracting party will not have the right to cancel this contract after the project has commenced. If, after commencing the project, the contracting party decides not to continue with project development or to contract another agency, then the contracting party is obligated to pay the total amount of work that has been completed up to the day of cancelation based on Big Creativa Pty Limited’s standard hourly rate.

Part C, client signoffs

The contracting party has a duty to respond to all correspondence within a reasonable period of time, maximum 48 hours.

Part D, revisions

In the event of a change of brief or additional revisions outside the quoted scope of works; one free revision round included, Big Creativa Pty Limited reserves the right to charge a fee of $480 for additional unique logo concepts, or a fee of $160 per hour. The client must be notified by Big Creativa Pty Limited of such circumstances should they arise.

Part E, web design and development

Part 1) Web design is a creative process and while Big Creativa Pty Limited will go to great length to ensure the client everything they are after, the onus is on the client to ensure that specific features and requests are outlined in the project scope. If not, extra fees may incur at a later date. Part 2) Wireframe Presentation – As a contracted Small Business Bundles client you are aware and take responsibility that once approved and should there be a change in brief or a request of additional requirements extra fees and charges will be quoted additional to the outlined cost estimate provided.

Part F, graphic design and printing

Upon approval of proof the client accepts full responsibility of artwork. Big Creativa Pty Limited may invoice artwork and print/production costs separately. Artwork costs include 1 set of revisions if required. The following costs may be excluded from our cost estimates unless specifically listed; copywriting, image sourcing, stock imagery, colour proofs, collation, insurance & couriers. If applicable these costs are added at the time of invoice.

Part G, future project work

You are aware all future work once your Small Business Bundles project is handed over will be costed by Big Creativa Pty Limited at a project fee and or hourly rate basis depending on the task/s briefed. You also accept as part of any additional work commissioned to Big Creativa Pty Limited that clauses outlined in the listed Terms and Conditions continue to apply.

Part H, terms and validity

Part 1) This cost estimate is valid for 30 days. Big Creativa Pty Limited trading terms for account clients are 7 days from the invoice date.

This said, a Small Business Bundles project accounts need to be settled prior to release of all working files.

Part 2) Upon being a contracted client of Big Creativa Pty Limited and purchasing a Small Business Bundles product you accept that should the project not be completed in 20 days Big Creativa Pty Limited has the authority to invoice and request payment for the balance owing.

Should Big Creativa Pty Limited be required to pursue outstanding customer accounts legally all related legal fees amounted will be the clients responsibility.

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Small business doesn’t mean small branding.

Apply big thinking to your small business and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to make an impact and get noticed – no matter what your size.